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Guild of Creative Art

Painting the Nude Form with Gina
Fall 2023
4 Week Course

Fri, Oct 27 - Nov 17

10:00AM - 12:00pm

Winter 2024

4 Week Course

Fri. Feb 16 - Mar 8

10:00AM - 12:00PM

Spring 2024

4 Week Course

Fri. Mar 22 - April 12

10:00AM - 12:00PM

This course is designed to guide each student in the study of the human form by promoting the personal freedom of utilizing one’s favorite medium. Those of you who know me and my passion to teach innovating and exciting lessons will enjoy this course as well as the personal and academic fulfillment it provides. Throughout the four-week span of the course, my goal is to assist you in strengthening your anatomical skills and your understanding of how light wraps around the human figure. There will be weekly proportion exercises that will build upon your confidence and comprehension of color mixing and values and tones, allowing you to unlock your full potential as an artist—exercises that will enhance your painting style through the illumination of positive and negative shapes that compose the human form in proper lighting. I will teach you how to draw the figure with proportional and anatomical accuracy as we study each, individual model. From one week to the next I will also introduce you to new, diverse techniques to promote your ability to capture the values and subtle nuances necessary to establish volume and dimension within the human form.

Through this impressionistic course, you will learn the foundational importance of studying black and white values in transitioning to color tones by studying color harmony and color mixing. This class will be a fun, fulfilling, and gradual process to creating beautiful and unique works of art that represent your individuality in creating them. I always encourage careful observation as a technique to advance your understandings of the dimensions of the human form and figure. You can expect to complete one painting a week, rotating your position in the classroom throughout the four weeks in order to capture various perspectives of the model. All artistic levels and skillsets are welcomed into this course as I intend to meet each artist at their level of experience. I will send a basic supply list after registration as materials are not included in this class, but I do encourage you to bring your favorite supplies as this course welcomes all mediums including pastels, oils, and acrylics. The smallest size canvas I would recommend is 16”x20”.

A model fee will be collected on the first day of class for all four sessions so please ensure that you bring cash.

Materials list:

I will be instructing in oils so all the supplies you need when you paint out of your studio please bring with you here.

8  hour course fee

$140 Guild Member $160 Non Guild Member

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