Brookdale Community College Lifelong Learning

Pastel Impressionism

Mon, Oct 26-Nov 16

6:00-8:30 PM

4 sessions

Course ID: #53

This course explores this forgiving and simple media of soft pastels. Impressionists used pastels for studies. Today we can create masterpieces using chalk pastels. In this course, you will learn step-by-step how to pick your ideal subject matter and produce art work you will enjoy making. This is a beginner course, but all skills levels are welcome. Learn a new skill explore techniques and be impressed. Instructor Gina Torello, Professional Artist MFA, Lightscapes Studio LLC

Five Sessions

Art History Series 

Mon, Sept 14-Oct- 12



Course ID: #66

This course takes a tour through the ages in the world of art history. You will journey from ancient Mediterranean civilizations to the centers of Christianity and the Renaissance. Finally, you will explore the Age of the Kings, when monarchs governed as vital dictators and their influence dominated social, cultural, political and artistic affairs.  Lectures will include viewing, discussing and examining art works from each specific time period. You will also enjoy a hands-on activity at the conclusion of every workshop. Instructor Gina Torello, Professional Artist MFA, Lightscapes Studio LLC

Four Sessions