I earned my M.F.A. from the Dominican University in Florence Italy with a concentration in Painting. This prestigious program allowed me the opportunity to study under international instructors in what other city than Italy’s heart of the renaissance none other than Firenze Italia. 

I taught at Boardman Studio’s an undergraduate Fine Arts Academy in Florence Italy and exhibited work at Villa Schifanoia and Peroni’s Bottega in Italy. Lived and worked in Europe for five years during and after graduate studies. I also have an extensive background in the Montessori Method of education. “A trained Montessori teacher who follows the student and is highly experienced in observing the individual’s characteristics, tendencies, and abilities will educate from a one on one basis of growth and implement the proper tools through knowledge and experience.”


I am a Professor of Drawing I and II along with Art Appreciation at Monmouth University since 2004.  Adjunct Professor at Brookdale Community College having taught Drawing I, 3D Design, 2D Design, Art Appreciation, Life Drawing and Color Theory. I also served as the Curriculum Coordinator for Montessori Academy of New Jersey 1989-2016. Founded the Arts Enrichment Children’s Camp in 2000 at Monmouth County Parks System and it is flourishing still. I also have an extensive following of professional adult students in courses including Renaissance Drawing and Painting, Advanced Oil Painting Technique, Pastel Impressionism, and ongoing Studio Time with Gina since 1999 at MCPS. 

My inspiration to paint originates from images that I see throughout my life. When I can connect emotionally with an image, it obtains a life of it’s own. Regardless if the image originated from my mind, a photo taken long ago, or a dream, choosing this image is a philosophical decision. The light source is key; yes the colors, composition, and subject matter play an important role in the continuity of my style, but it’s the dramatic light source that plays the most important role, almost “stage like”. This light engages a feeling that will always evoke turmoil or a sense of calm somewhere within my work.  My goal is not to duplicate nature because as Picasso noted, that can be done with a camera, but to alter nature to enhance my work.  I feel now at this stage in my life I just paint because I need to do so. It’s a great feeling. I hope you enjoy my work.

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“ Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” 

Pablo Picasso

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