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Mono-Printing at Colorest 2024


Sun, Jan 28

Sun, Feb 18

Sun, Mar 17

Sun, Apr 21

Sun, May 19

Sun, Jun 16

Sun, Aug 18

Sun, Sept 22

Sun, Nov 17

Sun, Dec 15

“Creative Mono-Printing Class with Gina Torello”


Creative Artists that love color and enjoy painting join me to experience this new mono-print class here at Colorest.


“Mono-Type is a form of printmaking that has images that can only be made once, unlike most fine art printmaking which allows for multiple originals.”


Come explore, create, be spontaneous while having fun with this unique process. You choose your style contemporary, impressionistic, abstract, fauvist or traditional. I will teach you so many exciting techniques you will fall in love with them all.  Hands on lessons in diverse styles and execution so you can develop your own freedom of expression. We will fine tune Color Theory and Composition so your individual mark as an artist develops a unique style in this fun new medium. 

Join me this fall at Colorest expressing yourself freely while learning how to explore a new fine art medium: Printmaking.  All painters welcome whether you enjoy watercolor, pastels oils or acrylic this class is for you…!!!

One 5 hour workshop for $130

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