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Art Retreats and Workshops

Gina Torello prides herself in providing a unique learning experience by forming small, intimate groups of like-minded artists. This approach affords all students the opportunity to advance in a well-planned, enriching environment. 


Below you will find unique workshops hosted by Lightscapes studio at local facilities. Feel free to contact us personally for any questions regarding the itinerary, prices and accommodations. If you are also interested in hosting a private event at your personal facility please contact us below.

Philosophy behind my online teaching courses

All my online classes are designed to bring you directly into my studio so I can share with each student my personal artistic process of creating my art.  I designed the classes in a step-by-step manner, so you can discover how a professional artist walks through the many phases to the complete a work of art. You will be taught how color theory is used and watch it come to life in your finished piece.  You will also study a wide variety of works, and most importantly, the design and methods used to compose them.  These foundations will build upon your understanding of how vital the application is to each individual work we create together.


The diverse techniques learned in class are  the beginnings of achieving continuity in your portfolio of work.  My goal is to take you closer to becoming a more confident artist by constant reinforcement and support in each class. 


My individualized  method of teaching will provide  each of you with the personal freedom to develop your own style. 


The lessons will be artistic studies as opposed to finished paintings, which will help you appreciate the process and not just the product. I will provide a  learning environment with ample freedom to explore and create,  while you stay in the comfort of your studio and focus on guided lessons.  I will nurture and meet you were you are, and your skills will develop into a strong and steady foundation as you continue learning in Lightscapes Studio. Please always feel free to approach and discuss anything with me at any time.

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