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“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”
Edgar Degas

LightScapes Studio is a creative approach to learning fine arts here and abroad. Join Gina Torello for a life-changing experience in art education.

About LightScapes Studio

LightScapes Studio is an art studio where students of all skill levels can achieve their artistic goals.  Whether you are a beginner, advance artist, or somewhere in between, you will have the opportunity to learn step-by-step lessons in individual and intimate group settings to explore and grow your fine arts education.   Courses are offered in several fine arts mediums including  drawing, oil painting, pastel, printmaking and sculpture. 

Once entering a class, you will understand the value of Gina’s philosophy and unique approach to teaching.  Her classes will not only inspire you, but also build upon your own confidence and allow your creativity and hidden talents to flourish.  Course, workshops, and retreats are offered to learn in a classroom setting, in the open air, and while traveling abroad.  You will receive one-on-one guidance to support your individual growth as an artist.  All classes are small and well-structured.  All your questions and concerns will be addressed, as you grow and develop your artistic career. 

Gina Torello holds a Master of Fine Arts and is a professional artist, instructor and a professor of Fine Arts at Monmouth University.  Gina will guide you from where you are now artistically to where you envision yourself in the future.


Gina Torello

LightScapes Studio LLC


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